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A Feature Article is an excellent opportunity to obtain more visibility for you or your company. The Home Page of highlights the current feature article in the first column along with its first paragraph and provides a direct link to the entire article.

Each Feature Article is a brief TECHNICAL article in an area of relevance to polymer processing. It is NOT an advertisement for a product or company. It is NOT your resume. You may highlight the oustanding characteristics of your product, your company, or yourself through the excellence of the technical work described in the article and the quality of its presentation. Discrete links to your company or resume web site may be placed at the beginning and/or end of the article.

Article Submission

Feature articles should be submitted to the editor at The article should be in a form which can be quickly and easily converted to .html format. Many text editors currently support this capability. For example, a document created using Microsoft Word 98 may be attached to your email to the editor; who will then use the "Save as HTML..." command to generate the files required to post the document at The article should not exceed five pages of text when printed in normal format. Acceptance of an article is totally at the discretion of the editor.

Your submission of an article to implies an assertion by you that you are the copyright holder or have permission from the copyright holder for its submission and reproduction. Your submission implies permission for to reproduce the article on the internet without restriction. (However, it does not imply transfer of ownership of the copyright. )

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