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Batch mixing is generally carried out using two specially designed blades inside a temperature controlled chamber. It is most commonly used for compounding and mixing of rubber formulations. Its most important commercial use is the incorporation of carbon black and other additives into rubber for the manufacture of automobile tires. Laboratory size batch intensive mixers are extensively used for characterization of materials and processes.

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The book:
Mixing and Compounding of Polymers, edited by I. Manas-Zloczower and Z. Tadmor; Hanser Publishers, New York (1994) ISBN 3-446-17368-4.
provides several excellent chapters relevant to batch intensive mixing, including:
Chapter 18. Internal Batch Mixers, by K. Inoue
Chapter 8. Scale-up of Internal Mixers, by J. Sunder
Chapter 5. Number of Passage Distribution Functions, by Z. Tadmor.

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