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Filament winding is used for the manufacture of parts with high fiber volume fractions and controlled fiber orientation. Fiber tows are immersed in a resin bath where they are coated with low or medium molecular weight reactants. The impregnated tows are then literally wound around a mandrel (mold core) in a controlled pattern to form the shape of the part. After winding, the resin is then cured, typically using heat. The mold core may be removed or may be left as an integral component of the part.

Process Schematic

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A comprehensive reference on filament winding is:
Filament Winding: Its Development, Manufacture, Applications, and Design
D.V. Rosato, Interscience Publishers, New York (1964).

Suppliers of Filament Winders

Cincinnati Machines
Automated Dynamics
Entec Composite Machines Inc.
McClean Anderson

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