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Posting of a Position Wanted Listing is FREE! In order to place a posting on the Positions Wanted Listing at, email the following information to

(1) Your full name and the email address at which you wish to be contacted, along with the expiration date for the posting. (Postings will be removed after 3 months in any case.) Postings will be listed alphabetically by last name.
If you do not have an email address, you may obtain one free from a number of sources such as Yahoo or Hotmail.
If you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine. Provide an alias for yourself and use an alias when setting up your email account. However, you must also indicate that you are using an alias. YOU are responsible for maintaining your anonymity (i.e. don't tell who you really are).

(2) A brief description of your qualifications and position desired, 50 words maximum. Descriptions longer than 50 words will be truncated. Qualifications must be related to the field of polymer processing.

(3) (Optional) The address of a web page or site which can be accessed to learn more about you.
It is strongly recommended that you have a web page which includes your full resume so that companies and institutions can access it quickly.

Your posting will look something like this:

Eastwood, Clint (alias)   Posted May 15, 2001.
Processing Operations Manager with 6 years experience running extrusion shop seeks position in aggressive growth company. B.S. degree from Big State University in Chemical Engineering. Excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills. Willing to relocate within Midwest.
Contact: Eastwood321 at
For more information see:

Hauser, Joseph    Posted May 20, 2001.
B.S. degree from Big State University in Mechanical Engineering anticipated June 2001. GPA=3.8/4.0. Polymer emphasis: Processing, Synthesis, Characterization. Composite car project team leader. Tel. 123-456-7890.
Contact: Joseph Hauser at
For more information see:

That's great, but I need MORE VISIBILITY.

Write a technical Feature Article for the Home page.
This is an excellent way to obtain high visibility and communicate the skills you have worked hard to develop. Check Feature Article Instructions for details.

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