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Material Answers LLC

President and Founder 2004 -

  • Consultant and Expert Witness.
  • Polymer Materials and Processing.
  • Failure Analysis.
  • Accident Investigation.

Fusion Optix Inc.

Vice President 2004 - 2006

  • Advanced Polymer Optics.
  • Manufacturing of optical films.
  • Design of multiregion film structures.


Managing Engineer 2001 - 2004

  • Polymer Materials and Processing.
  • Accident and Failure Analysis.

Crux Polymeric

Engineering Consultant 1996 - 2000

Design, analysis, and optimization of polymer materials and processing.
Technical assessment of patent infringement and interference.
Educational seminars.
Clients include:

  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber; Akron, OH.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Company; Japan.
  • Corning, Incorporated; Corning, NY.
  • Haake; Paramus, NJ.
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation; Woburn, MA.
  • Beringer Corporation; MA.
  • Nashua Corporation; Nashua, NH.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering 2000-2001
Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering 1994-1999
Research Areas:

  • Polymer Processing/Structure/Property Relationships.
  • Compounding and Mixing in Multiphase Polymer Systems.
  • Blends, Composites, Reactive processing, Additive formulations.
  • Structure and morphology development during polymer processing.

Eastman Chemical Company
Kingsport, Tennessee

Senior Research Chemical Engineer, 1990 - 1994.
Performance Plastics Research Laboratory.
Research Areas:
  Polymer Blend Fundamentals
  Polymer Mixing and Compounding Technology
  Material Performance
Project Manager Responsibilities:
  Evaluation of Polyesters and Polycarbonate for Commercialization.
  Improvement of Thermoplastic Blend Scratch Resistance.


  • Invented 11 families of polymer blends.
  • Led team to evaluate polymers and blends from a particular monomer.
  • Coordinated Research efforts with Development, Technical Service, and Marketing needs in Recreation/Utility market segment.
  • Initiated and planned a fundamental research program in polymer mixing and compounding.
  • Initiated and developed relationship with major chemical company in P.R. China. Organized Technical and Product Information Exchanges.

Geleen, Netherlands

Visiting Scientist: Sept. - Dec. 1985.

3M Company
St. Paul, Minnesota

Summer Researcher: 1983.

Helipump, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Summer Researcher: 1982.

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