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Polymer Processing and Structure Development
Arthur N. Wilkinson and Anthony J. Ryan
Kluwer Academic Publishers (1999)

Processing with an emphasis of its influence on material structure.

Polymer Processing: Principles and Design
D.G. Baird and D.I. Collias
Butterworth-Heinemann (1995)

Excellent up-to-date textbook. A design problem at the beginning of each chapter adds focus to the fundamentals.

Polymer Process Engineering
R.G. Griskey
Chapman and Hall (1989)

A thorough overview of the analysis of processing operations. Stronger emphasis on engineering rather than fundamentals.

Polymer Processing
D.H. Morton-Jones
Chapman and Hall (1989)

A brief introduction to the key processing operations.

Polymer Processing: Principles and Modeling
J.-F. Agassant, P. Avenas, J.-Ph. Sergent and P.J. Carreau
Hanser Publishers (1986)

A thorough overview of the fundamentals and analysis of processing operations.

Principles of Polymer Processing
Z. Tadmor and C.G. Gogos
John Wiley and Sons (1979)

The classic textbook on polymer processing. Detailed descriptions of processing operations and fundamental analysis. Remains the strongest textbook in terms of incorporating aspects of material behavior. Somewhat out-of-date; however, a long-awaited second edition is reportedly in progress.

Plastics Process Engineering
J.L. Throne
Marcel Dekker (1979)

Detailed descriptions of processing operations and engineering analysis.

Polymer Processing
S. Middleman
McGraw-Hill Book Company (1977)

Classic engineering analysis of numerous polymer processing operations. Unfortunately limited treatment of the unique flow characteristics of polymers.

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